5 tips for a great day out on the snow

As we all know, nobody's really excited about buying insurance policies, and for sure nobody wants to have an accident. Thus everyone takes their share of the risk: adequate physical preparation, respectful behaviour, hire of insurance specialists... We are for freedom, with a few tips :-)

Adopt good practices to avoid the main causes of accidents!

At school we as pupils are told before any sports session that we must warm up, same at the gym, and before skiing we shall forget everything? No way, says the mountains yeti (though) nice guru: with a bit of luck, when you get on the skis you'll push your own body to speeds that it doesn't encounter in any other situation in life, you'll be facing steep slopes, jumping on high bumps, turning in a demanding snowpark, with lots of people around... So, simply, honestly, reasonably, don't go straight from your pyjama to your fluorescent ski suit (or king size baggy).

Warm up

Before going out on the slopes, do several squats to warm up your muscles and get your joints working... Move your hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, back, neck, wrists...

Stretch yourself

During the day and after skiing, a stretching session without forcing will eliminate tension and restore elasticity to your muscles. Soooft!!! You should feel the pull, but not tear a tendon!

Stay hydrated

In the mountains, you dehydrate very quickly and you don't always realise it, especially if it's cold. Hydrate your children, your parents, your friends, your neighbours... "Hydrate" is a water concept (let's be clear about this), at room temperature.

Wear a helmet

It's often ugly, it can flatten your brushing, but if you flatten yourself on a sheet of ice without a helmet, your brushing will probably be damaged too. A special message to parents who think it's normal to put helmets on their children's head, but forget about the idea for themselves. Uh, are you that solid?

Wear a mask

Oh no, sorry, that was before! So 2020! Still, powder masks are very good in case of blizzard, sun masks are very good in case of skiing with eyes (which suffer a lot in the mountains if not protected), and any other decorative mask for carnival or incognito skiing is very useful too... On the subject of eye masks, avoid a very common discrimination on the slopes; a luxury mask for Dad and a scratched plastic mask for the son, on the pretext that he will have a nice one when he won't grow up any longer... That's a big no-no! We should protect his eyesight right away, so that he can see where he's going, and maybe even not have to use his insurance.

That's all folks, we trust you!...


Do you know Skizzz ?

Skizzz is THE mascot for risk prevention in ski areas!

Skizzz la Bande Dessinée

Skizzz on Youtube


Just to say... You can act on your own safety (and that of others) by preparing yourself to avoid accidents, but as there are still 50,000 accidents on the slopes every year, we offer you adapted insurance... The choice is yours: prevention or insurance? Prevention and insurance?
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