Business ethics for ski insurance in France

Having good insurance cover for a ski holiday in France is essential, as rescue costs in ski areas are expensive and getting more so. All too often, holidaymakers in our mountains (alpine skiers, Nordic skiers, snowboarders, etc.) neglect the subject. It's true that talking about insurance is never very sexy!

L'assurance ski en France / Ski Insurance in France

Yes, we have firm opinions on ski insurance, that's why we do this job!

A lot of marketing, very few benchmark solutions

Ski insurance in France is the subject of a lot of communication, especially during the February holidays, and this sometimes surprises us a little bit because this market is not so simple to manage for insurers and specialist brokers. It is technical, regulated, costly, and not always easy to understand by skiers who only think seriously about it very sparingly.

At Orion Ticket Neige (editor of the online sales site, we always advise all mountain users to check the guarantees they already have in their private insurance contracts, and not to jump on low prices ski insurance offers that can be proposed to them with great marketing campaigns.

There are two major distribution networks for specialised ski insurance in France, one in Savoie, the other (Orion Ticket Neige / 124 ski resorts in 2023) covering the Vosges, Jura, Massif Central, Pyrenees, Northern Alps (excluding Savoie) and Southern Alps, and these two networks have a specificity: they offer ski insurance designed specifically by and for mountain territories, and intended to make life easier for the insured persons by :

  1. no advance payment of rescue and transport costs (which are more expensive ones)
  2. solutions that limit the "exclusions of coverage" (i.e. the cases not covered by the insurance) and that unlock the "coverage limits" (i.e. the amounts really reimbursed in case of an accident). Assur'Glisse solution for example, available in the Orion Ticket Neige network, offer several lines of reimbursement at the actual costs.

A certain idea of ski insurance

Whether it is for skiing at Christmas, during the February holidays, during the spring holidays, for occasional weekend skiers or regular season skiers, Orion Ticket Neige offers a mutualist approach to ski insurance, supervised by a "cooperative of collective interest", and which includes all the beneficiaries of its insurance service;

  • the policy-holders, to cover their costs and soften the blow of an accident
  • the local authorities, so that they can exercise their responsibility for safety in their ski areas with appropriate solutions
  • the ski resort operators, so that they can guarantee a smooth customer experience throughout the stay, including in the event of an accident

At Orion Ticket Neige, we do not market ski insurance as a consumer product; we say that it is a sum of important, even essential guarantees, we recommend to visitors of mountain areas to choose the insurance of their favourite ski resorts because these insurances are;

  • integrated into local rescue processes,
  • administratively simpler for the customer,
  • comprehensive and specialised in terms of cover.

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Read our articles, in which we try to make the benefits of ski, snowboard and other winter sports insurance understandable, with the Assur'Glisse (winter) and Assur'Green (summer, but not only) proposals as possible answers to these challenges.

In short, to understand the advantages of specialised ski insurance, read the article "Why buy a ski insurance?"

To remember that before and after skiing, you can do useful things, read the article "Wise and wise".

And of course, to read product descriptions: view the page "Our solutions" and also the "AssurGlisse" page of the Orion Ticket Neige website

And soon several other articles to come :-)


Ski/snowboard insurance is an option on the skipass; it is not compulsory, and holidaymakers or weekenders must choose for themselves how they manage their risks on the ski areas. We believe they should do so with confidence, and we propose our cooperative approach (collective interest) as a commitment to that confidence.

To find out more about cooperative companies of collective interest, visit the website (which we are very passionate about) (French) or the one of the International cooperative alliance.

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