Why buy insurance?

The costs of rescue services in French ski areas are payable by law. In addition, there are many other costs in the event of an accident (e.g. transport), which the injured person has to pay on the spot if he or she does not have "third party insurance". Advancing the cost of a €500 ambulance or a €1000 helicopter is never pleasant!

Avoid unpleasant surprises, be vigilant about your insurance contracts!

All sports and leisure activities in nature involve risks

Snow sports are no exception to this reality: every year, approximately 50,000 cases are handled by ski patrols in french ski areas. Those who practice sports and leisure activities in nature, especially if they are occasional practitioners outside of a club or association, are often unaware of the risks they may encounter during their skiing holidays for example. Before any question of insurance, be careful in your practices!

With few exceptions, the cost of rescue on the slopes and the first medical transport (ambulance, helicopter) after an accident are at the user's expense

In addition to these costs, "out-of-pocket expenses" are often observed outside of the coverage provided by social security systems and traditional health insurance companies. Without a specialised insurance, the total can quickly add up. Each resort displays at its ticket office, by decision of the Mayor of the town in which it is located, the costs that can be charged to skiers who are rescued. Do you check this information every time you go skiing? View some examples.

Bank cards and non-specialist insurance policies show wide variations in coverage

Unfortunately, skiers are often unaware of the guarantees offered by their private insurances. The mountain resorts in the Orion Ticket Neige network offer specialised insurance (Assur'Glisse and Assur'Green) to avoid their customers being unpleasantly surprised by inappropriate bank card or multi-risk home insurance cover that could be too generic, with strong exclusions, high deductibles or low cover limits.


YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! The Orion Ticket Neige cooperative, editor of the assuranceski.com website, invites each visitor to the mountains to check what he or she may already be covered for: consider carefully the interest of taking out a specialised insurance policy, AssurGlisse or AssurGreen, which offers comprehensive cover at moderate rates.

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