We questioned ChatGPT on the topic of ski insurance

Many people have been eager to test the artificial intelligence solution ChatGPT (OpenAI) to see how powerful this tool is. At Assuranceski.com, we were very curious about what ChatGPT would answer to our questions about ski insurance. Here are its answers to the three questions we asked it on 21 December 2022, in French, just as the main ski resorts opened for the winter season.

Informations sur l'assurance ski / Information amont ski insurance

ChatGPT invites every ski area user to think about their ski insurance coverage. We do agree!

Assuranceski.com : "ChatGPT, What is the purpose of a ski insurance?"

ChatGPT : "A ski insurance is an insurance that covers the risks related to skiing. It can include cover for medical expenses in the event of injury, repatriation in the event of injury or illness, or search and rescue costs in the event of loss or disappearance. It may also cover damage to ski equipment or facilities.

It is advisable to take out ski insurance when skiing, as injuries and accidents can happen at any time, and medical and repatriation costs can be very expensive. By taking out ski insurance, you can protect yourself and your family from these financial risks.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of your ski insurance policy carefully to understand what is and is not covered, and to ensure that you have adequate cover for your needs. You should also ensure that your ski insurance is valid in the country where you are going to ski, and that you have all the necessary documents with you in case you need them."

Assuranceski.com : "ChatGPT, are there several types of ski insurance?"

ChatGPT : "Yes, there are several types of ski insurance, which cover different risks related to skiing. Here are some examples of cover that you can find in a ski insurance;

  • Medical expenses: covers medical expenses related to an injury or illness incurred while skiing, including consultation, treatment, hospitalisation and transport costs.
  • Repatriation: covers repatriation in the event of injury or illness occurring during skiing.
  • Search and rescue: covers the costs of search and rescue in the event of loss or disappearance while skiing.
  • Damage to ski equipment: covers damage to your ski equipment (skis, poles, boots, etc.) or that of a third party.
  • Trip cancellation: covers the cost of cancelling your ski trip in the event of force majeure (illness, death, etc.).
  • Civil liability: covers damage caused to third parties (other skiers, lift personnel, etc.) while skiing.

It is important to check the terms and conditions of your ski insurance policy to see exactly what cover is included and what is excluded from your insurance. You should also ensure that you have adequate cover for your needs and level of skiing."

Assuranceski.com : "ChatGPT, are the laws on these insurances the same in France and in Switzerland?"

ChatGPT : "The laws on ski insurance can vary from one country to another. In France, ski insurance is governed by the "Code des assurances", which defines the obligations and responsibilities of the insurer and the insured persons. In Switzerland, ski insurance is governed by the "Swiss Code of Obligations" and "the Insurance Act".

It is recommended that you check the laws of the country where you are going to ski to ensure that you have adequate cover and that you comply with the relevant regulations. It is also important to check the terms and conditions of your ski insurance policy to find out exactly what is covered and what is not. If you have any questions about the laws in a particular country, you should check with an insurance professional or an insurance lawyer."


Conclusion; we know that ChapGPT proposes its answers according to what is said on the internet on the subjects on which it is questioned. We have to admit that its compilation of information is relevant: knowing the guarantees of its own contracts, studying the guarantees of the proposed contracts, checking their territoriality... All this is true, important and meaningful. Duly noted!
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