Assur'Glisse & Assur'Green insurance prices

We run a strict pricing policy, with prices kept to a reasonable amount and, above all, without cutting back on cover! We want these rates to allow as many people as possible to enjoy their favourite sports and leisure activities with complete peace of mind.

Tarifs Assur'Glisse Assur'Green

Prices set by the ski areas managers, according to their local rescue conditions

The prices offered on are fixed, and calculated per day or per season. The price of the insurance for a stay of several days is the sum of the prices of each insured day. For the 2022-2023 season, the prices on this website are identical to those you will find at the ski lift ticket offices of the Orion Ticket Neige network.

Assur'Glisse Alpine Skiing / Snowboarding rates

  • per day; between 1,70€ and 3.60€ depending on the product and the resort
  • for the season; between 20€ and 54€ depending on the products and resorts

Assur'Glisse Nordic Skiing rates

  • per day; between 1€ and 3,50€ depending on the resort
  • for the season; between 21€ and 27€ depending on the resort

Assur'Green rates (sports and nature leisure insurance, mainly for the summer)

  • per day; between 2.50€ and 3.30€ depending on the resort

And for you and your friends, your grandmother, your cousins? How much will it be?

To find out the price of the Assur'Glisse and Assur'Green solution you need, click on the "Buy online" button on the home page of the site, and complete the four simple steps below:

1) choose your resort

2) select the practice you wish to cover

3) indicate the duration of your stay (1 day, several days, a season)

4) indicate the number of people to be insured

-> If you are happy with the price and the guarantees, just complete your purchase!

Calculate your personalised price

(Clicking on this button will take you to the first stage of the buying process, where you can start calculating your price by choosing your ski resort).


NOTE: there is no tacit renewal of the insurance cover taken out. You subscribe for the duration you wish (minimum one day), you choose your days of coverage and the insurance will be valid only for the days you have entered. With Assur'Glisse and Assur'Green, there are no untimely or recurrent direct debit, no nasty surprises!
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